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Type REGAL 3-OS2
REGAL 3 Series is a direct-operated,
spring set‑point pressure regulator used
for supplying industries and commercial
As an option, it can be equipped with
a slam-shut Type VSX2 or OS2 which
permits the gas flow to be cut off rapidly
and totally in the case of under or over
outlet pressure.
As a standard feature, for outlet pressure
settings inferior or equal to 180 mbar, a
relief valve is provided.
The REGAL 3 Series is in conformity with the
Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC
and is classified under Category I.
Available Configurations
Type Regal 3:
Type Regal 3-VSX2:
Regulator with Integral Slam-Shut VSX2
Type Regal 3-OS2:
Regulator with Integral Slam-Shut OS2
Body Sizes and End Connection
NPS 2 NPT Threaded
PN 10/16, PN 20 or CL150 Flanged
Inlet Pressure
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 10 bar
MaximumOperating Pressure: 1.5 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
0.008 to 1.5 bar
Accuracy Class
Up to ±5%
Pressure Registration
Internal Relief Setting
Inlet Pressure +90 mbar
• Integral Slam-Shut
• Ease of Installation
• Precise Flows
• Internal Relief
Temperature Capabilities
Working: -30° to 71°C
Approximate Weights
Type Regal 3:
18 kg
Type Regal 3-VSX2:
18.8 kg
Type Regal 3-OS2:
24 kg
For full details consult the documenta-
tion available on our website:
REGAL 3 Series
Spring-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators
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