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Type B/242
Construction and performance
features make the B/240 Series spring-
loaded regulators the ideal choice in
applications involving sudden changes
in capacity or where the gas shutoff is
solenoid‑controlled as with domestic or
industrial burners.
The B/240 Series is in conformity with the
Pressure Equipment Directive
PED 97/23/EC and is classified under
Category IV maximum.
Available Configurations
Type B/242:
Type B/242-AP:
High Pressure Regulator
Type B/249:
Regulator + Shutoff
Type B/249-AP:
High Pressure Regulator + Shutoff
Body Size and End Connection Style
1 1/2" BSP Threaded
DN 40 PN 16 (NPS 1-1/2) Flanged
Inlet Pressure
Body Allowable Pressure: Up to 20 bar
MaximumOperating Pressure: 300 mbar
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 6 bar
Inlet Pressure Range: 0.1 to 6 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
10 to 300 mbar
Accuracy Class
Up to ±5%
Lock-Up Pressure Class
Up to 10%
Orifice Size
• Counterbalanced Valve
• Built-in Relief Valve
• Overpressure and
Underpressure Shutoff
• Manual Reset
• Inlet and Outlet In-line
Type B/249
Built-in Shutoff Valve
Independent Pneumatic Control
Accuracy Group: ±5%
Response Time: <1 s
Temperature Capabilities
Standard Version:
Working: -10° to 60°C
Low Temperature Version:
Working: -20° to 60°C
Approximate Weights
Type B/242, B/242-AP:
3.5 kg
Type B/242-FS, B/242-AP-FS:
7.5 kg
Type B/249, B/249-AP:
4.5 kg
Type B/249-FS, B/249-AP-FS:
8.5 kg
For full details consult the documenta-
tion available on our website:
Type B/249-AP
B/240 Series
Spring-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators
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