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Type A/102
Type A/109-AP
Type A/109
The A/100 Series regulators ensure
precise stable operation even when
the requirements of the plant cause
exceptionally unfavorable conditions
such as rapid fluctuations in demand.
These regulators are commonly used
on industrial burners, with starting
controlled by solenoid valves (on-off).
The A/100 Series is in conformity with
the Pressure Equipment Directive
PED 97/23/EC and is classified under
Category I.
Available Configurations
Type A/102:
Type A/102-AP:
High Pressure Regulator
Type A/109:
Regulator + Shutoff
Type A/109-AP:
High Pressure Regulator + Shutoff
Body Size and End Connection Style
2" BSP Threaded
Inlet Pressure
Body Allowable Pressure: Up to 20 bar
MaximumOperating Pressure: 300 mbar
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 8 bar
Inlet Pressure Range: 0.1 to 8 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
10 to 300 mbar
Accuracy Class
Up to ±5%
Lock-Up Pressure Class
Up to 10%
Orifice Size
1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1"
• Built-in Relief Valve
• Overpressure and
Underpressure Shutoff
• Manual Reset
• Inlet and Outlet In-Line
Built-in Shutoff Valve
Independent Pneumatic Control
Accuracy Group: ±5%
Response Time: <1 s
Temperature Capabilities
Standard Version:
Working: -10° to 60°C
Low Temperature Version:
Working: -20° to 60°C
Approximate Weights
Type A/102, A/102-AP:
11 kg
Type A/109, A/109-AP:
12 kg
For full details consult the documenta-
tion available on our website:
A/100 Series
Spring-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators
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