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Types BLE and BLX
Throttle Valve
The types BLE and BLX throttle valves
function as a by-pass on transmission
stations reducing pressure.
The type BLX version is equipped with a
type OS2 release relay to cut off the gas
flow in case of outlet over pressure.
The types BLE and BLX are in conformity
with the Pressure Equipment Directive
PED 97/23/CE and are classified under
Category IV.
Available Configurations
Type BLE:
Throttle Valve
Type BLX:
Throttle Valve with Shutoff Valve
Body Sizes
DN 25, 50, and 80 (NPS 1, 2, and 3)
End Connection Styles
PN 100 N, PN 50 B, and PN 20 B
(CL600, CL300, CL150)
MaximumOperating Pressure
LCC Body:
100 bar
WCC-20 Body:
96.7 bar
Temperature Capabilities
LCC Body:
Working: -30° to 71°C
WCC-20 Body:
Working: -20° to 71°C
Approximate Weights
Type BLE:
DN 25 (NPS 1): 12 to 14 kg
DN 50 (NPS 2): 22 to 26 kg
DN 80 (NPS 3): 43 to 51 kg
Type BLX:
DN 25 (NPS 1): 20 to 22 kg
DN 50 (NPS 2): 36 to 40 kg
DN 80 (NPS 3): 57 to 65 kg
For full details consult the documenta-
tion available on our website:
• Robust Design
• High Precision
• Progressive Opening
Type BLx
Type blx - operational schematic
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