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V Series
Relief Valves
The V series automatic spring-loaded
relief valves are designed to keep line
pressure below preset values.
They are mounted downstream of
regulators and perform the specific
function of releasing small amounts of
gas in the event of the regulator not
closing properly.
The V Series is in conformity with the
Pressure Equipment Directive
PED 97/23/EC and is classified under
Category I maximum.
Available Configurations
Types V/50 and V/60:
Very Low Pressure Applications
Types V/51 and V/61:
Low Pressure Applications
Types V/52 and V/62:
Medium Pressure Applications
Type V/20-2:
High Pressure Applications
Body Sizes and End Connection
V/50 Series:
1 x 1-1/2" BSP Threaded
V/60 Series:
1-1/2 x 2" BSP Threaded
Type V/20-2:
1" NPT Threaded
Inlet Pressure
V/50 Series:
4 bar
V/60 Series:
2.5 bar
Type V/20-2:
100 bar
Set Range
V/50 and V/60 Series:
0.025 to 2 bar
Type V/20-2:
1.5 to 40 bar
• Easy Installation and
• Release Capacity
• Accuracy
Orifice Size
V/50 Series:
1 1/4"
V/60 Series:
1 1/2"
Type V/20-2:
Temperature Capabilities
Standard Version:
Working: -10° to 60°C
Low Temperature Version:
Working: -20° to 60°C
Approximate Weight
V/50 Series:
1.3 kg
V/60 Series:
1.9 kg
Type V/20-2:
1.6 kg
For full details consult the documenta-
tion available on our website:
Type V/50
Type V/20-2
Type V/60
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