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CNF, CN, CF and SV Series
Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers
The type CNF, CN, CF, and SV heat ex-
changers are sized and designed to meet
a large range of system requirements,
and include all connections for all acces-
sories required.
In the gas pressure reduction process
according to the “Joule-Thomson” effect,
temperature drops considerably (ap-
proximately 0.5° C per reduction bar).
This fall in gas temperature can damage
the equipment due to the formation of
dangerous ice crystals produced by water
vapor in the gas.
Particularly in first stage stations, high
pressure changes are usually involved,
therefore, the gas must be heated before
pressure is reduced.
It is recommended that, after reduction,
gas temperature should not be below 5°C.
One of the best established methods of
heating gas in reduction stations is to use
heat exchangers employing hot water or
steam as their thermal carrier fluid.
CNF, CN, CF, and SV Series are in con-
formity with the Pressure Equipment
Directive PED 97/23/EC and are classified
under Category IV maximum.
Available Configurations
CNF, CN, and CF Series:
Water as Thermal Carrier Fluid
SV Series:
Steam as Thermal Carrier Fluid
End Connection Styles
Gas Side: CL300, CL600
Water or Steam Side: PN 6
• Pre-heating of natural gas in first
reception and pressure reduction
stations, and for all gas heating
• Non-Corrosive Gases
• Tube Bundle Heat
Exchangers using U-Tubes
• Tube Bundle with
Inspection Facility
• Gas in Tubes Section,
Thermal Carrier Fluid in
Shell Section
• Axial Connections in Gas
• Designed for Automatic Air
Escape Installation
• Designed for Relief Valve
MaximumWater Temperature
CNF, CN, and CF Series: 90°C
Maximum Steam Temperature
SV Series: 120°C
Installation and Assembly
• Heat Exchangers designed for installa-
tion with vertical tube bundle
• Different tube bundle configurations
available upon request
Approximate Weights
90 to 1350 kg
For full details consult the documenta-
tion available on our website:
Type CF
1...,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43 45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,...56
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