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Skids are prefabricated pressure reduc-
ing stations designed to the customer’s
specifications, then built to order includ-
ing a range of products from our brands,
Tartarini™, Francel™, and Fisher®, such
as regulators, manual isolation valves,
and piping.
Skids reduce overall costs and include
components such as filters, slam-shuts,
heaters, and meters.
Emerson has many years of experience
designing and assembling regulating and
metering stations. We have skid manu-
facturing sites in China, India, Dubai,
France and Italy to respond to local cus-
tomer specifications in each World area.
Our array of standard and customized
installations incorporate the latest in
engineering technology for transmission,
distribution, and utilization applications.
Emerson pressure-reducing stations can
be developed for open air, underground or
cabinet/building-protected applications.
Our experience and professionalism ac-
quired over the years enables us to offer
our customers a complete product and
service offering including:
• Quotations
• Feasibility Studies
• Site Surveying
• Project Management
• Construction
• Revamping
• Commissioning/Start-up
• TurnKey Projects
• Training (field/site)
• Lifecycle Services
City Gate / Transmission /
Distribution Stations
High-pressure transmission pipelines
move the gas from the production com-
pany’s cleaning plants to gas distribution
Power Plant / Fuel Gas Stations
From the biggest electricity generation
sites to the most recent cogeneration
technologies, Emerson provides unrivaled
solutions for all your energy needs.
Odorization Solutions
The best odorant injection technology
that brings the highest safety level in the
natural gas distribution grid, Emerson
odorization solutions can be engineered
to meet customer needs.
Commercial / Industrial Service
Worldwide, natural gas is used for
commercial and industrial applications.
Commercial applications, such as grocery
stores and office buildings, use natural
gas for heating.
Customized Stations
Emerson brings together technology and
engineering providing a wide range of
manufacturing and processing solutions
for all natural gas applications.
Integrated Solutions
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