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After Sales and Training
Emerson After‑Sales Services
Emerson provides a complete After‑Sales
Service for all their products including:
• Installation, start-up and commission-
ing operations
• Scheduled technical and on-call as-
• Emergency call-out service equipped
with back-up regulating units to guar-
antee the continuity of operation
• Upgrade and revamp of existing equip-
• Under warranty claims
• Certification for all service interven-
tions according to national and inter-
national standards, guaranteeing the
quality of operations carried out by the
Emerson After-Sales Technicians
• A complete range of spare parts and
kits stored in our fully automated
warehouse to guarantee fast deliveries
• An educational service offering a com-
plete range of training programs for
customers of all levels developed and
taught by experienced engineers
Emerson Educational Services
With nearly 30 years of training experi-
ence, the Emerson Educational Service is
committed to providing quality train-
ing to over 4,800 individuals, when and
where you need it.
Factory Training:
We host factory training courses in our
fully equipped training room equipped
with regulation stations, compressed air
and multimedia tools.
On-Site, Local Training:
We develop on-site local training courses
providing tailor training to meet your
specific needs.
Here are two examples of the type of
training courses we offer our customers:
Natural Gas Products Service and
Maintenance Training Course - Level I
This 3-day course is designed primar-
ily for technicians, engineers and other
persons involved in the maintenance,
installation and operation of pressure
reduction products and applications.
This course provides a basic understand-
ing of the theories of operation, installa-
tion, maintenance and troubleshooting.
Natural Gas Products Service and
Maintenance Training Course - Level II
This 3-day course is designed primarily
for technicians, administration personnel
and other persons with solid knowledge
and experience of pressure reduction
products and applications.
This course focuses on theoretical knowl-
edge and advanced operational proce-
dures for commissioning, calibration and
For full details consult our websites:
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