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Late Project Changes

Late design changes are part of reality. But the headaches they bring to the project don’t have to be. DeltaV SIS Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology will help keep you on schedule and will help maintain safety lifecycle management. Learn More

Footprint Constraints

Limited space? A DeltaV SIS (Safety Instrumented System) saves a significant amount of space — some applications have required only one third of the space by completely eliminating marshalling cabinets. Thanks to Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology, expansion is easy. Learn More

Proof Testing Risks

People are your plant’s most valuable assets. Why send them out into the field for potentially hazardous proof testing — especially in smart burner management systems or fired heater applications? Discover how to extend the time between proof testing trips. The result is not only safer, but more efficient. Learn More

Complex Integration

Safety systems can be very complex to integrate and often with limited data options. DeltaV SIS offers several levels of integration options based on standard protocols. Whether you require a standalone safety system or an integrated safety system, your DeltaV SIS solution will be effective and clean. Learn More

Uncertainty of Asset Health

Safety system assets operating as they should? Are you sure? DeltaV SIS diagnoses issues throughout the safety system so that process safety is the central focus as you predict and address problems before they arise. Learn More