Last-minute changes occur in all projects. It’s just a fact: every change puts the project at risk of schedule delays.


But the modern DeltaV SIS (Safety Instrumented System) gives you the flexibility to make changes without missing your deadline. All the while placing safety as the top priority.


Electronic Marshalling separates the safety loop installation from logic configuration – so project changes mean no plant risk or engineering headaches. Also, it reduces the amount of resources required to get your SIS project done.


Electronic Marshalling simplifies project changes today, and a CHARM Smart Logic Solver (CSLS) simplifies maintenance tomorrow so you can:

  • Start hardware design earlier in the project — before HAZOP or SRS completion.
  • Move I/O into field enclosures closer to field instruments.
  • Save configuration time and reduce time required for changes by independently characterizing different I/O types and configuring each Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) using certified easy-to-use Function Blocks in safety controllers.
  • Eliminate the non value-add engineering tasks needed to meet compliance every time you make a design change.


Discover how Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology allows you to maintain project progress regardless of change.

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