Whether planning a migration/modernization project or a greenfield installation, footprint is always a challenge. There never seems to be enough.


During migration and modernization projects, DeltaV SIS modern technologies provide flexibility to allow the most efficient use of available space. Even during hot cutovers when cabinet contents are being reorganized and the system seems to grow ten-fold, DeltaV SIS offers efficiencies that others just don’t — ensuring your limited available space is sufficient to complete the work while allowing for safety system redundancy.


On greenfield projects, DeltaV SIS Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology reduces the whole system footprint — thanks to elimination of entire marshalling cabinets.


I/O Electronic Marshalling can be located in field enclosures close to field instruments — reducing wires, making the addition of safety loops in safety controllers simpler, and making building space available to install other systems and equipment whenever required. Each modular, redundant CHARM Smart Logic Solver (CSLS) has 96 channels of configurable I/O. Additional logic solvers can be added as needed– up to 30,000 I/O.


Powered by Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology, you will

  • Land wires where they fit best, regardless of their I/O type without sacrificing safety system availability.
  • Reclaim the footprint you’ve lost over years of inefficient use of space.
  • Have the flexibility to install your modern system in any location as you’re pulling out the old one. You’ll gain — rather than reduce — available space.


Discover how Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology let you place safety where you need it.

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