Electronic Logbooks
Shift changes and unreadable logbooks pose unique risks to operations. To improve operations performance, Emerson Logbooks enable operators to electronically record information about daily operations, view a prioritized task list, and access a shift change dashboard that includes shift status and summary reports. With a searchable knowledge database, operators can make informed decisions to keep the plant running safely and efficiently.

Emerson Logbooks:

  • Minimizes shift handover risk
  • Improves task management and event visibility
  • Resolves issues quickly with electronic knowledge base

White Paper: Minimize Risks and Maximize Operational Effectiveness by Improving Communication

Electronic logbooks streamlines shift handovers, assures accountability, and increases situational awareness.

On-Demand Webinar: Eliminate Major Upsets During Operator Shift Transitions

Join Emerson experts for a 30 minute webinar to understand insights and learn best practices around electronic logbooks.

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