High Performance Graphics
Understanding how human perception works with technology to improve operation performance is critical in an Emerson solution. In fact, human centered design (HCD) is central to Emerson’s development and design of operator screens. To Emerson, HCD is more than making products easier to use. HCD makes customers’ jobs easier to do. Implementation of Emerson’s research leads to enhanced operation performance — better productivity and profitability.

Emerson graphic solutions:

  • Ensure robust and secure plant operation
  • Customize your environment through a powerful, operator interface
  • Quickly gain access to the most important information
  • Improve operator effectiveness through integrated historical trending

White Paper: Maintaining Situational Awareness: Directing the Operator’s Eyes

White Paper: Get a Real-Time View of Your Process Securely - Anytime, Anywhere

On-Demand Webinar: Improve Operator Productivity with High Performance Graphics

Join Emerson experts for a 30 minute webinar to understand insights and learn best practices around high performance graphics.

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