Smart Commissioning
Shorten Project Timelines by Accommodating Change

Smart Commissioning — a technology-enabled process — drastically reduces commissioning time and improves project adaptability by decoupling field devices from software design. The process streamlines the full commissioning process including system design, device binding and configuration, testing, and documentation.

Positively impacting the overall certainty of project execution, Smart Commissioning helps automation projects meet strict and shifting deadlines. The basis of the process relies heavily on automating manual tasks and letting the technology do its work.

Configure Devices in a Fraction of the Time
“Define once, use many times” describes the efficient method of configuring HART devices by using AMS Device Manager Bulk Transfer. Users define templates that are then applied to multiple devices simultaneously. The method significantly reduces configuration time while simplifying the process to change the configuration of multiple devices.

Adapt to Late Project Changes with Ease?
Smart Commissioning changes the way of executing automation projects because configuration of the control logic can be done independently of the I/O assignment for field devices. Decoupling the I/O physical design from the configuration of control strategies greatly reduces the schedule dependencies between installation of field devices and the control system configuration.

Improve Speed and Accuracy through Automatic Binding
Smart Commissioning automatically binds field device references to control strategies via the HART field device tag. The automation of device binding enables late changes to be made quickly. And because Smart Commissioning allows the binding of hardware and software to be pushed later in the process, the project team can be more flexible and accurate in its response to late design changes.

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