Noise Suppression, Insulation & Desuperheaters

  • Muffling Orifice Plates
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Insulcap Thermal & Acoustic Jacket
  • Desuperheaters

Muffling Orifice Plates (MOPS)
A Spence Muffling Orifice Plate, when sized properly, can reduce high flow valve noise 5-15 dBA. Installed in the expanded downstream piping, the muffling orifice reduces the generation of noise at its source by reducing the amount of pressure drop required by the valve. MOPS are individually engineered for each application to provide maximum noise reduction without reducing regulator capacity. Contact your local representative for sizing help.

Noise Suppressor
A Spence Noise suppressor will reduce pipeline carried noise by 10 to 20 dBA. Installed at the valve outlet, the suppressor absorbs noise and limits its transmission through the piping system without creating pressure drop.

For maximum noise reduction of pipeline transmitted noise, the combined installation of a Spence MOP and Noise Suppressor will reduce the sound pressure level by 16 to 30 dBA.

Insulcap Thermal and Acoustic Jacket
The Spence Insulcap removable insulating jacket is a one piece, reusable, insulating cover designed specifically to fit and be used on Spence regulators, control valves, and steam traps. You will see immediate cost savings when you add a Spence Insulcap thermal jacket to any Spence valve by reducing the amount of heat and energy loss to atmosphere. By adding a Spence Insulcap Acoustic Jacket you will not only reduce energy loss but you can also reduce valve noise by 5-6 dBA. Being a removable and reusable jacket, the Insulcap makes replacement and maintenance costs much less than those associated with rigid insulation.

Spence Engineering offers both mechanical atomizing and steam atomizing desuperheaters. Designed to accurately reduce and control the temperature of superheated steam by a controlled injected spray of water, the Spence desuperheater is engineered for your specific conditions and assembled from standardized components, permitting accurate control at a moderate price. The unique nozzle design allows for the efficient absorption of the cooling water by the steam with minimum pressure loss.

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