Control Valves

  • "Intimidator" Type J1
  • "Intimidator" Type J3
  • "Kombat" Type K1
  • "Kombat" Type K3
  • "Kombat" Type K5
  • "Kombat" Type K6
  • "Kombat" Type K7

Spence Engineering offers a diverse selection of control valves for a wide range of applications. Pneumatic and electric actuator models give you the option on 0-20 psig, 3-15 psig, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, and Split Ranged input signals.

"Intimidator" Type J Valve:
The J valve is a pneumatic, globe style, control valve featuring a compact, efficient design that provides greater flow capacity and performance than comparable models, at an economical price. Available in cast Iron and 316 stainless steel, ½ to 2 inch threaded or flanged. The J valve comes standard with 316 SS Trim and has a wide variety of orifice and packing options to ensure we can meet your application. The powerful field reversible actuators are available with positioners, controllers, amplifiers, relays and other accessories.

• J1 - Single Seat, Unbalanced, Cast Iron, NPT, 36" or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"
• J3 - Single Seat, Unbalanced, 316 SS, NPT or Flg, 36" or 60" Actuator, ½"- 2"

The "Kombat" Series K Valve:
The K Valve is a ½"- 4" bronze or cast iron globe valve that is available with an electric or pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic Kombat control valve has a high thrust, compact actuator that offers the muscle required to positively position plug in response to the control signal. It is available in a 36 and 60 square inch actuator size with stainless steel internals to match different operating conditions. The Kombat electric control valve has a high thrust motor that permits shutoff to 400psi and a rapid response that fully strikes the valve in less than 15 seconds.

• K1 - Single Seat, Unbalanced, Bronze, , NPT, 36" or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"
• K3 - 3-way, Balanced, Bronze, , NPT, 36 or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"
• K4 - Single Seat, Unbalanced, Cast Iron, 125# Flg, 60" Actuator, 2-1/2"-4"
• K5 - Same as K1 w/ Electric Actuator, Fail Closed
• K6 - Same as K1 w/ Electric Actuator, Fail Open
• K7 - Same as K3 w/ Electric Actuator

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