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DeltaV Registration Assistance (v7.3 and earlier)

To receive support for your system you must first complete and return the DeltaV System Registration Form.

Customers should register their DeltaV System at the first opportunity following on-site hardware and software installation. Registration is quick and simple, aided by an on line utility that reads hardware part number, software release and serial number data directly from the connected system devices.

Registration is required for two important reasons:

  • To be certain our information is correct so we can provide the quality service you expect.
  • To begin your service period and hardware warranty on the first day you, the end-user have use of the system -- no time lost while the system is in transit or at a system integrator’s facility.

To register your system, follow these steps:

  1. Setup the DeltaV hardware and install the DeltaV software.
  2. Run the Controller Upgrade Utility from the DeltaV Installation menu, ensuring the controllers and I/O modules can report identification data to the Registration Utility.
  3. Locate your DeltaV License Pack. Install the System Identification Key in the parallel port of the ProfessionalPlus workstation. Install the License Activation Key diskette in drive A of the ProfessionalPlus workstation.
  4. Run the DeltaV Explorer from the ProfessionalPlus workstation. Choose File : Licensing : Load License File. Enter complete company and contact information in the spaces provided. This information is used by the Registration Utility.
  5. Run the Registration Utility from the DeltaV installation menu. The utility automatically gathers identification data and serial numbers from connected controllers and I/O.
  6. Print the Registration Form and manually complete the header information. Record the system power supply serial numbers. Record the five-digit tag numbers from the PC workstations and servers.
  7. Fax the form to:
    Process Systems business of Emerson Process Management
    DeltaV Registration Center
    Austin, TX 78754 USA
    FAX: 1 (512) 834-7666

The attached registration form can be used if for any reason you are unable to utilize the on-line registration utility embedded within DeltaV:

If you have any questions or experience problems with the registration process please contact your local Emerson Process Management service office or Representative.

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