Emerson has released a new line of Rosemount thermowells and sensors that are easier to specify and order. Our previously combined thermowells and sensor model codes have now been separated into two model codes. The Rosemount 114C model is for thermowells and the Rosemount 214C model is for sensors. When looking for a thermowell or sensor, there is now one spot to find all the information for each category. We have created the Model Code Converter to help convert all of the legacy models to the new model codes. Click on the converted model code number for more information.
Note: (1) If thermowell and sensor were previously ordered together in one model code, they will now need to be ordered separate as 114C and 214C model codes.
(2) Remove the XT or XW option from the end of the model code when it is ordered as a standalone product.
(3) There shall be a 0.25-in. insertion length difference between the 214C and the legacy models. Learn Why

This tool does not validate legacy models, it is meant for converting only.

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  Thermowell / Sensor Conversions
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