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Real-time Visibility to Critical Steam Traps

 Automated steam trap monitoring

Once-a-year inspections of steam traps leave you vulnerable to significant energy loss 364 days a year, resulting in weeks or even months of steam escaping your process. And manual measurements from hand-held devices designed to measure either temperature or ultrasonic noise alone are imprecise and expensive. Using the Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter, you can monitor your critical steam traps every minute of every day to address failures as they happen and maximize your energy savings. An industry-leading combination of temperature measurement with acoustic “listening” gives you unparalleled visibility into steam trap states. Through a dedicated steam trap monitoring software program, you will be able to see the status of every trap, including if the trap state is normal, cold (stuck closed) or blown-through (stuck open). This specialized software does not require integration with your control system, making it fast and easy to install and viewable outside the control room – from your office or wherever you are.

 Real-time alerts

Waiting for an annual survey to learn the state of your steam traps is costly, with potentially millions of dollars escaping your process every year and the looming hazard of water hammers. The Rosemount 708 notifies you with real-time alerts, so that you know immediately when a trap fails. This real-time notification enables you to handle issues as they arise and spread out your maintenance activities over the course of the year, instead of dealing with maintenance all at once, after your annual steam trap inspection.

 One-time investment

Renting equipment to inspect your steam traps is expensive and can take your employees away from other responsibilities. And hiring outside firms to handle the monitoring is a hassle and raises safety concerns. With the Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter, you can save expensive fees and eliminate time-consuming manual inspections. And unlike rented equipment or outside services, the Rosemount 708 is an investment that you can continue to leverage as your plant adopts more wireless technology.

 Smart Wireless system

Gain visibility to all your critical steam traps, no matter where they are located. Emerson’s Smart Wireless approach allows you to monitor traps throughout your plant, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations, with greater than 99% data reliability. The Rosemount 708 works with your existing WirelessHART network. If your plant does not have a wireless network, you can easily start small with a Smart Wireless Gateway and any number of transmitters; with the resulting energy savings, the system will pay for itself within a matter of months.
Information to Make Good Decisions

 Trap Prioritization

Knowing where to focus your attention first can mean the difference between business-as-usual and a serious problem like a water hammer. The specialized steam trap software used with the Rosemount 708 lets you prioritize your steam traps, so the ones requiring the most attention appear on the top of the list. You can also set up reporting groups by trap location, so that you can easily view the status of all the traps in a given area.

 Real-time actionable information on trap state

Knowing that a steam trap is failing is valuable information, but it’s only part of the picture. Without knowing how they are failing, it’s difficult to know what action to take, if any. The Rosemount 708 provides you with real-time actionable information on trap state and identifies if the trap is normal, cold (stuck closed) or blown-thru (stuck open). This information will help you repair the right traps at the right time, without extra trips to the field.

 Device diagnostics

The Rosemount 708 comes equipped with its own diagnostics, so you can be certain that your steam trap monitors are healthy and operating correctly. These diagnostics differentiate between a steam trap failure and a device failure, so you can be confident you are making the right repairs.