Minimize Fines

Accurate reporting data

Monitoring for releases by periodically inspecting to see if the rubber socks on PRVs are in place is imprecise and expensive. The wind can blow a sock off instead of a release, and the exact time the sock was dislocated is unknown, both of which potentially could inflate regulatory fines. The Rosemount 708 offers up-to-the-second accuracy, so that you can be sure that a release occurred and exactly how long it lasted.

Automated reporting

Improve your environmental reporting with the Rosemount 708’s automated reporting. Data is automatically pulled through the system and mapped into your data historian in real time. Not only will this capability save you time and effort, your reporting will also be more accurate.

Time stamped, real-time alerts

Identifying why a release occurred can be nearly impossible at times. The Rosemount 708 provides time-stamped, real-time alerts that can be compared against process conditions or environmental reporting to help you identify the root cause of a release. Armed with this information, you can take preventative actions to reduce emissions and minimize fines.
Reduce Environmental Impact

Proactive monitoring system

HSE managers face the challenge of demonstrating environmental responsibility in their plants, where releases from PRVs do occur, sometimes leaking pollutants. This is especially difficult to achieve when relying on a manual visual inspection of PRVs with results that can be delayed and even wrong. This reactive process puts you at risk for public scrutiny and may reflect poorly on your company. The Rosemount 708 is a proactive monitoring system that notifies you immediately if a release occurs, enabling you to act quickly and reduce the severity of the release. And the time-stamped alerts allow you to conduct root cause analyses so that you can avoid future releases. By reducing your environmental impact with the Rosemount 708, you will be helping to maintain your positive brand image.