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Fast and Easy to Install and Maintain

 Easy, fast, flexible to install

Installing new instrumentation can be time consuming and tricky, especially if it involves cutting into pipes and training your staff on unfamiliar procedures. With the Rosemount 708, you won’t need to worry about adding complexity or workload. The system is easy, fast and flexible to install; no training required. The devices are non-intrusive and mounted using supplied stainless steel mounting bands, so you won’t need to cut into your pipes. The small, lightweight engineered polymer housing means that you can place it anywhere, even in tight spots, locations with harsh environmental conditions or hazardous areas.


Traditional wired technology can make process monitoring cost prohibitive, especially for measurement points that are in hard-to-reach or remote locations. The Rosemount 708 leverages the WirelessHART protocol, a cost-effective approach to wireless communication. An interoperable solution, WirelessHART enables you to make use of your existing HART devices, tools and knowledge, making it easy for your staff to implement. The self-organizing, self-healing network allows for simple and flexible implementations, so there’s no need for a site survey no matter how dense or obstructed the area may be.

 Smart Wireless system

Gain visibility to all your critical steam traps, no matter where they are located. Emerson’s Smart Wireless approach allows you to monitor traps throughout your plant, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations, with greater than 99% data reliability. The Rosemount 708 works with your existing WirelessHART network. If your plant does not have a wireless network, you can easily start small with a Smart Wireless Gateway and any number of transmitters; with the resulting energy savings, the system will pay for itself within a matter of months.

 AMS Wireless SNAP-ON

Planning your wireless network doesn’t have to mean time-consuming site surveys. With the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application, you can import an image of your plant or process unit for customized planning of your wireless network. After you define your image, you can drag and drop devices to plot your network. Once your device layout is complete, the application checks your plan against Emerson factory-recommended best practices or against custom parameters that you define. Deviations from best practices are graphically illustrated on screen, so you can easily see how to optimize your network.
Proven Technology That is Easy to Use

 Proven success in wireless field instrumentation

Selecting the right supplier of wireless field instrumentation is critical to the success of your steam trap monitoring implementation. In addition to evaluating features and functions, you want to be confident that the technology is going to install and work as promised. Choosing unproven technology could result in set-backs and even greater risks. Emerson's experience in wireless is unmatched in the industry, with over 5,100 operating networks globally and more than 450 million operating hours. From small start-up implementations to sites with thousands of devices, Emerson has helped customers in every industry succeed with wireless technology.

 Easy to install, configure and commission

Training your staff on how to install and use new technology can be expensive and time consuming, not to mention that it’s just one more thing they need to remember. Emerson helps you keep it simple. With the Rosemount 708, you can leverage the knowledge and skills your staff already have. The transmitters have the same configuration and installation practices as wired HART, making additional training minimal. Power modules have a 10-year life and replacing them is a snap, thanks to their special design for error-proof installation.


The Rosemount 708 is a non-intrusive device, clamping onto a pipe with supplied stainless steel mounting bands which are nearly maintenance free and long lasting. You’ll be able to quickly and easily install the instrumentation with no downtime and never any risk to the process.

 Set and forget

Annual inspections of steam traps take your staff away from other responsibilities. The Rosemount 708 is a “set and forget” solution, relieving you of the burden of annual inspections with the confidence that you have the information you need. With a 10-year battery life and engineered polymer housing that is intrinsically safe, weather proof and chemically resistant, the Rosemount 708 rarely needs attention, letting you focus on other responsibilities.

 Expert technical support

While our wireless architecture and applications are designed for ease of engineering, installation and use, we also offer a broad range of services to help you get up and running quickly – and make the most of wireless technology. With more than 4,100 trained wireless experts in all world areas, we will help ensure that your business needs are met through on-site emergency help, training, and factory support.