Emerson Process Management - Smart Wireless Gateway Capacity Estimator
Version 2.0
I. Select Gateway Type: Choose Gateway Firmware Revision:
II. Input Quantity of Emerson Smart Wireless Devices and THUMs:
Update Rate Wireless Devices INPUT Only
(e.g. 248, 648, 848T, 708, 3051S, 2160, 6081)
Wireless Devices With Output
(e.g. 702, 4310,4320, 9420, Other WirelessHART device)
THUM Adapters
1 Second  
2 Seconds  
4 Seconds  
8 Seconds
16 Seconds
32 Seconds
60 Seconds+
Note: Devices are assumed to send one variable per update. The tool is for Emerson devices only.
This tool is not responsible for third party devices.
* Not all devices can be configured to the above update rates. Consult device documentation for supported update rates.
III. Future Capacity
Update Rate Future Device Capacity
(No. of Devices)
Future Output Capacity
(No. of Devices)
Future THUMs
(No. of Devices)
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IV. Approximate Smart Wireless Gateway Capacity

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