Customer Work Cells
Dedicated Expertise for Project Success

Each company has its own style and requirements for automation projects. Unvarying among our clients, however, is the need for sustained and high-quality project performance. In response, Emerson assigns dedicated, consistent resources for the duration of multiple projects for each client. This resource group is called a work cell.

Work cell allocation provides strategic advantages of heightened effectiveness, increased efficiency, and reduced waste. With Emerson’s global pool of resources following the same guidelines, practices, and standards, our clients enjoy consistent and repeatable project quality, as well as risk mitigation and performance to schedule and budget.

Rely on Consistent Expertise
Work cell experts are assigned such that the project team has specialized knowledge of the client’s process, new technologies, and industry-specific applications used across the client’s enterprise.

Ensure Alignment
A core Emerson team leads each project to achieve alignment with your strategic objectives and apply consistent strategies that achieve desired outcomes for multiple projects.

Build on Successes
The Emerson team works with you to develop and hone best practices so subsequent projects benefit from experience gained during earlier projects.

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