At industrial facilities worldwide, safety and process availability depend on operators. Operators take the brunt of daily operation issues and are often the first to address them. No matter the level of process automation, operators must still make accurate and rapid decisions in stressful situations. In striving for operator excellence, operating companies use many methods: improving processes, integrating best-of-class products, understanding human limitations and strengths, applying knowledge to specific environments, and more. See how Emerson helps to improve your plant’s operations performance.


Protect Your Process From Cyber Threats

Discover best practices to methodically reduce cyber threats from your process.

Electronic Logbooks

Maximize Operational Effectiveness by Improving Communication

Drive more consistent processes and minimize shift handover risk with electronic logbooks.

Alarm Management

Assure Successful Operator Responses to Alarms

Use a configuration-free layer of protection against alarm floods optimized to reduce operator stress and increase situational awareness.


Improve Bottom-Line Results with Better Batch Operations

Achieve flexibility for agile manufacturing to meet real-time demands with consistent and integrated processes.

High Performance Graphics

Improve Productivity through Intuitive Operations

Improve business results and simplify tasks with easy-to-use operator design and graphics.

Data Integration

Save Time and Effort with Standards-Based Data Connections

Attain a comprehensive integration platform to manage a range of plant data including data from field devices and enterprise business systems.

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