DeltaV Mobile – Key Features

DeltaV™ Mobile reshapes the status quo by delivering an entirely new operational experience and empowering your team to improve operations performance and safety by having the operation at their fingertips – virtually anywhere.

The new operational experience builds on the collaboration capabilities to securely connect onsite teams with remote expert resources, creating site and organization wide momentum that improves operation performance.

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Know the health of your operations. On-demand.

View real-time process data, trends, and alarms from multiple DeltaV systems, historians and more.

Experience a more efficient way to run your operations.

Enjoy the freedom to securely access data remotely, gain faster and more precise responses to critical issues, and stay proactive in keeping the team and operation safe.

Stay Alert. Stay Ahead.

Stay proactive by getting instant alarm notifications to drive decisive action.

Receive Intuitive Notifications.

Not just another alarm notification – get context and view trends to take the right actions.

Your Operations Data, Mobile.

Get the same richness of data and alarms from DeltaV operator stations, now on built-for-purpose mobile screens.

Streamline Workflows.

Collaborative features make it easier to securely share critical data among your team – virtually anywhere.

Connect Anywhere, Securely.

Easily and securely access your data on-site with Wi-Fi or off-site with VPN.


Operations Managers

  • Maintain high visibility of your operations, even if you’re off-site or away from your PC.
  • Monitor critical process values, KPIs, or alarms for your entire site with intuitive, easy-to-read mobile views.
  • Receive notifications for your critical alarms and quickly communicate with your team to resolve issues, wherever you are.

Safety Engineers

  • Monitor safety-critical data and alarms for your span of interest.
  • Always maintain situational awareness by receiving notifications and viewing alarms in real-time, exactly as they appear in the operator console.
  • Monitor safety instrumented functions (SIFs), such as bypasses, partial stroke tests, as well as critical suppressed alarms.

Process Engineers

  • View real-time data, trends, and alarms to monitor your process and resolve issues.
  • See alarm information in context with relevant process data to better understand and diagnose abnormal situations.
  • Get notifications for critical alarms, even when off-site.
  • Quickly communicate issues and troubleshoot with operators and remote experts.


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