Emerson’s AMS 6500 ATG system allows users to cost-effectively introduce the advantages of predictive intelligence while modernizing their existing protection system. Emerson’s protection+prediction solution addresses the most significant challenges customers face when installing or interacting with their existing systems:

  • The AMS 6500 ATG features advanced card flexibility, allows the user to configure the type of data to be acquired, including prediction data.
  • The embedded OPC UA server allows for quick integration into digital controls systems (DCSs), human machine interfaces (HMIs), and similar third-party systems.
  • ATG View is the mobile app that allows visibility to data from anywhere on the plant network without physical accessing system racks.

Learn how the AMS 6500 ATG can help you improve reliability in your facility!

AMS 6500 ATG is just one of the condition monitoring applications available from Emerson’s Reliability Solutions. Learn more here.

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